Performing Arts -

Musicals, comedies, and dramas based on Jewish themes

Media Arts -

Video production, video game design, digital photography, computer projects

Jewish Center for arts and learning

JCAL is Temple Bat Yahm's innovative Jewish supplementary education program combining a traditional Reform Jewish education with interactive and experiential learning activities.

The Program
Students reinforce the JCAL curriculum through experiential electives, including:

JLIT - Jewish Literarture -

Learn about our faith through great Jewish literature..

Art and Cooking -

Holiday menus, decorations, traditional dishes, Judaic works of art

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JCAL Mission Statement

Jewish learning is a life-long commitment.  In order to live as a Jew, one must understand the basic tenets of Judaism.  At Temple Bat Yahm Religious School, we strive to instill a commitment to G-d, Torah, and Israel which are all at the heart of Judaism.

A basic knowledge of Hebrew provides our students with the ability to participate in all aspects of Synagogue life.  It is our goal that each student feels a connection to the synagogue as a central feature of his/her Jewish life.

By celebrating and observing Jewish holidays both at Temple Bat Yahm and at home, students will be able to maintain a joyful connection to Jewish life and tradition.  Through teaching Jewish values and ethics, we want our students to understand that all Jews are connected to and responsible for one another, the Jewish community, and the world around them.  At Temple Bat Yahm, religious education will result in a strong, positive Jewish identity.

Israel Experience-

Learn about Israel, plant and maintain our Biblical garden, nature hikes,  and social action.