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Praising God in Primary Grades 
Does God need our praise?  If not, then why does Judaism spend so much time praising God in prayer and rituals?  These will be the questions discussed in Pre-K through 2nd grades this Sunday at JCAL.  Continue the discussion in the car and at home. 

Rebekah as mother: Trick or treat?
Last week, upper graders studied the relationship between Rebekah and Isaac. Rebekah's relationship with her children was a bit trickier...and tricks were played.  This week at JCAL: Rebekah, part 2. 

Screens and Teens: A Jewish View @ this Sunday's Confirmation Class 
This is the first wireless generation, connecting to each other and the world through electronic devices.  The technological advances and advantages are seemingly endless, but there are also dangers and deceptions that put lives at risk.  Join Youth Director Melinda Weiss for a uniquely Jewish view--using traditional texts, case studies, and interactive student activities---of Screens and Teens at this Sunday's Confirmation class from 11:30am-1:00pm in the Youth Lounge.  All 8th-12th graders are welcome; free. Bring your own nut-free lunch.

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Israeli Dance @ JCAL
Last week, the 2nd grade class was asking "When do we get to dance again?"  The wait is over!  Amir and Amy Baum return this Sunday for Israeli dance with the Pre-K through 2nd graders.  Amir and Amy return next month to lead the upper graders.

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